Emergency Tree Services

Has a tree fallen on your property and you need assistance right away? Call us now so we can assess your needs and get someone out to help immediately.

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Strong storms, winds and other natural events can cause a tree to unexpectedly fall over, especially if its root system isn’t very strong.

CAUTION! If you think the tree has possibly fallen onto power lines that could be touching your house it is critical that you do not go outside to inspect yourself as the lines may be exposed! Call us and we will assess the damage and further investigate any precautions or procedures needed to make sure you are safe to leave the property.

What if my neighbor’s tree fell onto my property?

If the tree falls from natural, unpredictable events such as a storm then whoever has the damage musts pay it, unfortunately. You will have to discuss with your insurance company the logistics and coverage in this scenario.

However, if the tree has been neglected and is dying and was clearly a hazard and the owner was warned about it then it is the owner who is responsible if it falls and causes damage.

At the end of the day if an emergency situation comes up it will be the responsibility of all parties involved to discuss with each other and their insurance providers since every policy is different.

Prevent Your Trees From Falling

Emergency prevention starts with being mindful of your trees. Are they dying? Are the roots exposed? Are they starting to lean over with poor soil structure? What is their proximity to your house or other structures or valuable objects?

If you have a tree that seems to pose a hazard it’s extremely important you contact an arborist today. You may want to get it removed preemptively or possibly do some cabling and bracing.

Why Choose Us?

Our contractors recognize the value of a beautiful yard and want to make sure it is going to be safe to use as that is always important to property owners. To do this we use world-class safety precautions from start to finish with the help of experienced professionals. For those looking to save on their tree stump removal, we offer free estimates and discounts to clients.

  • Certified Operators – Our staff not only is certified for the job, but loves their work and is highly experienced.
  • Safety First – We are a licensed and insured tree care service provider.
  • Customer Focused – Our number one priority is our customers, we treat you with respect. We respect and understand the importance of your time and needs.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We work hard to satisfy your needs as a Customer and provide outstanding service. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Call (319) 382-8229 for immediate assistance!

Emergency Tree Service
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